I provide a comprehensive guitar repair and restoration service. Examples of some of my basic services and prices include:

  • Re-string  - full set of strings - £20 including strings or £15 if you provide your preferred set of strings. 
  • Adjust string action using existing nut/saddle - £25
  • Cut and fit new bone nut - £55 - or Saddle - £35 - or £85 for both.

For all repairs I will detail the work required and provide a free, no obligation quote to be agreed prior to undertaking the work. 

A small deposit may be required for certain works. Please note that there is a minimum £20 charge for any bench work. 


Hi Niranjan. Really happy with your work on both the ESP electric and the Tanglewood electro acoustic guitar. They both play beautifully.
Thank you so much.

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